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Real Stories

  • A Precious Gift Healed My Severe Scald

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="16"] It was an ordinary d...

  • Choose a Good Job

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="15"] After Fang's family ...

  • DAMI Leads to Better Happiness, Wealth and Health

    <!–– --> [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="11"] Th...

  • Quit Smoking & Drinking After Being A Buddhist

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="14"] I’m a man who ha...

  • I quit smoking immediately on the first day I met the Venerable Master

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="13"] Most people are awar...

  • An Alcoholic Come Clean After Buddhist Practice

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="12"] I started drinki...

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    DAMI Jul 08, 2015

    Published:2015/07/10 DAMI 2015 Collection Views:1156

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