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    Read Before Visiting

    Published:2012/12/29 Member Zone Read:186

    Welcome to the website of DAMI Buddhism Association!

    You must notify the blue and yellow flowers falling from the top. You might think these gorgeous flowers are designed by us, but they are not! They are literally REAL and are cut out from a photography SHOOTED by one of our members! Here at DAMI, is the home for all Buddhists. “Pray to Buddha is like going back home and home is always blessed.’’

    When you visit DAMI website:

    1. If you are encountering a mood swing, please go relax, come back when you get sober and peace in mind.

    2. Before visiting the website, please keep a good personal and environmental hygiene. Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, wash your hands and clean your face. The environment you are should be clean and tidy.

    3. Please wear proper clothing and sit up straight while visiting.

    4. Please do not listen to music or watch videos outside of our website while visiting. Do not talk with others or do any other irrelevant things neither.

    5. Buddhist chanting is the treasure left to the world, which makes Buddhist chanting essentially differs from all other ordinary music. Before you listen or try to learn the chanting on our website, please make a couple of small cards, writing “Studying now, please do not disturb(正在学习,请勿打扰)” on the cards, and hang the cards on your windows and doors. Words on the plates are facing outwards. Take these cards off when you finish learning or listening chanting. Also, watch your volume of chanting, do not bother others.

    If you like our website and plan to recommend it to your family or friends:

    1. The official website of DAMI Buddhism Association is for Buddhists who have faith in Buddhism. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who are opposing Buddhism, lack sincerity, respect, and a kind heart.

    2. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who steal, rob, cheat or lie.

    3. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who easily get jealous, quarrel over right and wrong, and have bad relationships with others.

    4. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who would harm others for personal gain, and who are dishonest and bad-hearted.

    5. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who have bad family relationships.

    6. Please do not recommend DAMI website to those who do not respect the truth, and always have subjective judgments.









    1. “大密清净极乐弥陀殊胜洲”网站是为诚心学佛的人所建立,反对学佛,或者对学佛没有诚心、恭敬心、欢喜心的人请不要介绍。

    2. 偷盗、抢夺、欺骗说谎的人请不要介绍;

    3. 嫉妒心强、说是弄非、破坏和谐的人请不要介绍;

    4. 损人利己、心底不善良的人请不要介绍;

    5. 家庭关系处理不好的人请不要介绍;

    6. 不尊重事实,喜欢主观臆断的人请不要介绍。

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