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Real Stories

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  • I quit smoking immediately on the first day I met the Venerable Master

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  • An Alcoholic Come Clean After Buddhist Practice

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  • Events Activities

    • Volunteers work together during the Lunar New Year

      Volunteers work together during the Lunar New Year


      DAMI members got together in New York temple and celebrated 2015 Spring Festival. 2015年春节期间,大密僧众欢聚在纽约寺院,喜气洋洋,信心满满,欢度了一段祥和热闹又殊胜非凡的美好时光。 在过年欢...

    • Ms. Guo In the Happy Home

      Ms. Guo In the Happy Home


        I first met Aunt Guo in Happy Home three years ago. I still remembered that day when we met. 第一次来到欢乐家园见到郭阿姨,已经是三年前的事情了,我至今印象还很深刻。阿姨笑着走过来迎...

    • A Happy Carpenter

      A Happy Carpenter


      In DAMI Buddha hall, people can see a busy man very often. He used his hands made a lot of tables, chairs, and other useful things. 在大密纽约佛堂,经常能看到一个忙碌的身影,划线、锯木头、刨板、...

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