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  • [Video Story] The Precious Gift Healed My Severe Scald

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  • [Video Story] Choose Peaceful Occupations

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  • DAMI Leads to Better Happiness, Wealth and Health

    The moment I opened the website of DAMI, I was shocked. The contents attr...

  • Quit Smoking & Drinking After Being A Buddhist

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  • I quit smoking immediately on the first day I met the Venerable Master

    Most people are aware of the harm of smoking, we've known that for a long tim...

  • An Alcoholic Come Clean After Buddhist Practice

    [dzs_videogallery id="realstories02" start_item="12"] I started drinki...

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    • Join in us

      Join in us


      I. Pre-qualifications to become a member 1. Voluntarily apply to become a member, support the regulations of DAMI Buddhism Association. 拥护大密清净极乐弥陀殊胜洲章程,有加入本组织的意愿; 2. Wi...

    • Apply for Jobs

      Apply for Jobs


      一、入会基本条件 1.拥护大密清净极乐弥陀殊胜洲章程,有加入本组织的意愿; 2.具有志愿奉献精神,热心公益慈善事业,致力于服务社会; 3.年龄在18岁以上者 4.身体健康,具有完全民事行为...

    • Be a Volunteer

      Be a Volunteer


      一、入会基本条件 1.拥护大密清净极乐弥陀殊胜洲章程,有加入本组织的意愿; 2.具有志愿奉献精神,热心公益慈善事业,致力于服务社会; 3.年龄在18岁以上者 4.身体健康,具有完全民事行为能力;...

    • Read Before Visiting

      Read Before Visiting


      Welcome to the website of DAMI Buddhism Association! You must notify the blue and yellow flowers falling from the top. You might think these gorgeous flowers are designed by us, but they are not...

    • Information for Authors

      Information for Authors


      大密清净极乐弥陀殊胜洲网站欢迎广大读者踊跃投稿。希望我们共同努力将网站办得更好,让更多的人了解大密,获得真实的利益。 投稿时,请遵守以下注意事项: 1、由于网站属于世界性质的,所以稿...