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  • [Video Story] The Precious Gift Healed My Severe Scald

    It was an ordinary day, everything is as usual, except my face was burnt by a...

  • [Video Story] Choose Peaceful Occupations

    After Fang's family learned from the Buddha, they realized nothing is more au...

  • DAMI Leads to Better Happiness, Wealth and Health

    The moment I opened the website of DAMI, I was shocked. The contents attracte...

  • Quit Smoking & Drinking After Being A Buddhist

    I’m a man who has smoked and drunk for 26 years. I once made up my mind to qu...

  • I quit smoking immediately on the first day I met the Venerable Master

    Most people are aware of the harm of smoking, we've known that for a long tim...

  • An Alcoholic Come Clean After Buddhist Practice

    I started drinking at a young age. I loved it so much that I never thought ab...

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